Five Biggest Standouts from Broncos Camp

Five Biggest Standouts from Broncos Camp

Erick Trickel

As the season quickly approaches, the Denver Broncos are working hard to get things together in training camp. This year’s circumstances have made things far more difficult for the players, coaches, and members of the front office. 

There are no preseason games to get things together, which may lead to some sloppy play to start the season. Having no exhibition matches to work out the kinks is a tough blow.

However, training camp must march on and there are some players who are making the most of the opportunity. This is a must if they want to earn a roster spot, or supremacy on the depth chart, or even a starting role. 

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Not every player is making the most of the chances they get, which will be the killing blow to their roster prospects. The lack of preseason games makes practice mistakes even harder for coaches to forgive.

A dropped pass here or missed assignment there, and bam! You find yourself a free agent on September 5 when NFL teams cut down to their 53-man roster.

Denver has to find solutions to a few positions and answers to others. In the video above, we look at five players who are making the most of the opportunities they’ve received.

Some of these players aren’t necessarily fighting for a roster spot but might be instead fighting for a bigger role on the team. Whether the battle is for their NFL career or a starting job, these five Broncos are making the most of it. 

In a perfect world, Denver needs that from every player and with a few days of camp left to go, these players must sustain the momentum they’ve established. 

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Source:Sports Illustrated