Flavor Flav Fans Out to Taylor Swift During ‘Eras’ Detroit Stop


Flavor Flav to Swifties
I Am One of Thee!!!
Fans Out at Eras Tour Stop

6/10/2023 4:15 PM PT

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Flavor Flav might be a good old-fashioned hip-hop head, but that doesn’t mean you can put the guy in a box … evidenced in him completely fanboying at a Taylor Swift show.

The rapper — who’s one half of Public Enemy — pulled up to TS’s Detroit stop Friday for her ongoing ‘Eras’ tour, and the dude was ready to prove his love and dedication from the VIP tent … posing with tons of fans who swung by, and flexing his Swiftie friendship bracelets.

Make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it @taylorswift13 #TaylorSwift #ErasTour pic.twitter.com/iNdySxCIKw

— FLAVOR FLAV (@FlavorFlav) June 10, 2023

It’s pretty sweet … you see Flav swapping bead bands with young girls, teens and adults alike — and the guy was totally rocking out during the actual concert too, singing along and dancing.

In fact, it looks like he even had on some Taylor-inspired merch. While TayTay was performing ‘Trouble,’ — Flav showed off his T-shirt … which reads, “I knew she was trouble.” Indeed, the guy is a complete and utter Swiftie … and there’s no shame in his game.

Leading up to the big show, Flav appeared to be hyping it up big time … saying he got his Taylor shirt made just for the event, and even teasing the fact she was coming to town.

While his Taylor fandom might come as a surprise to some, it might’ve been in our faces the whole time. Earlier this year … Flav posed with Taylor just a few months ago in March, when she won the Innovator Award during the iHeartRadio Award show (‘memba the hoodie ‘fit?)

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In other words, it sounds like the dude’s been in her corner for a while now — and we’re all just learning about it for the first time in public. And while he was sporting Taylor gear, Flav was still on brand … his clocks and bling were on full display as well, plus his signature hat.

Gotta say … the Eras tour has proven to be an endless well for news this year. Not only are there storylines surrounding Tay’s personal life that feed the beast … but moments like these cycle in as well and get people fawning over their fave pop star all over again.

Indeed … it’s the year of Taylor, it seems.