Friday Dance Music Guide: New Tracks From Eliza Rose, VTSS & Boys Noize, Logic1000 & More

This week in dance music: Kenya Grace made her Hot 100 debut with the drum ‘n’ bass infused “Strangers,” Michael Bibi announced he was leaving the hospital amid his ongoing cancer treatment, then immediately jumped on a flight to Ibiza to make a surprise appearance at DC-10, The BPM Festival released its phase one 2024 lineup, Daft Punk announced that a “drumless” version of Random Access Memories is coming in November, CloZee answered 20 questions upon the launch of her fall tour and we spoke with the founder of San Francisco’s Portola festival, happening this weekend, about the event’s lineup and adult vibe.



Eliza Rose

See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

And of course, there’s more. These are the best new dance tracks of the week.

Eliza Rose, “Take You There”

The Label: Warner Records

The Spiel: “Yeah, I can take you there,” Eliza Rose offers on her latest, before simply proceeding to do so with the slick, swirling, simmering club track. Simultaneously playful and tough, “Take You There” marks another winner in the U.K. artist’s catalog, which already included “Better Love” and “Pleasure Peak” from this year, along with her 2022 smash “B.O.T.A. (Baddest Of Them All).” The new track comes with a trippy, fairly mesmerizing music video that features Rose playing dress-up with friends in a drop top, along with a claymation version of the artist.

The Artist Says: “‘Take You There’ and ‘Better Love’ always come together as a pair, a bit like two-sides of a coin showing how in underground dance music you can have both these slick, summery cute moments, as well as these more mad, chaotic ones. It’s important to me as an artist to touch both sides.”

The Vibe: We’ll literally go anywhere Rose wants to bring us.

VTSS & Boys Noize, “Steady Pace”

The Label: Big Beat Records

The Spiel: “Feel that groove between our bodies, keep a steady pace,” VTSS whisper-sings on her euphemistic new collaboration with Boys Noize, “Steady Pace.” A punchy beat indeed keeps the track moving at a quick clip, creating the same sort of hypnotic, lightly industrial vibe that have long been core elements of both the Polish and German producers’ respective wheelhouses. Stick around for the gear shift in the last 20 seconds, which hits like a strobe light right in your eyes.

The Artist Says: “The track was made during mine & Alex’s session in LA in our friend’s Sonny’s studio,” says VTSS. “It really came about quite quickly – within probably first our we had a sketch and I’ve written the first verse. I haven’t done much in studio collaborations so I was extremely nervous and frankly I didn’t know Alex that well, but we instantly clicked and have been great friends since.”

The Vibe: High-octane sexual tension.

Logic1000, “Grown On Me”

The Label: Therapy/Because Music

The Spiel: Berlin-based producer Logic1000 returns with her first release of 2023, “Grown On Me.” Built around a single lyric stating the title over and over, the track maintains the producer’s signature style of fusing an ethereal vibe with weighty production, with the message here taking on greater meaning given that the artist, born Samantha Poulter, recently became a mother.

The Artist Says: “It’s been way too long since releasing something new so this is a special moment for me. Ever since Tom (big ever)  and I wrote ‘Grown On Me’ the vocal has been stuck in my head, and the lyric has a very special, private meaning to me, that in fact came after choosing the sample. This song was written (and now released) during a transformative period of my life. I hope it uplifts you the way writing it uplifted me.”

The Vibe: Lush, feminine, maternal.

LP Giobbi, “Time Expands”

The Label: Yes Yes Yes

The Spiel: LP Giobbi launches her Yes Yes Yes imprint, part of the Defected Records family of labels, with “Time Expands.” The track functions as its title suggests, making three minutes and 24 seconds stretch into a good trip of a good time with a darkly pulsing bass line, flecks of rhythm guitar, a long windup with a percussive breakdown, and a voice spitting hippie philosophy while repeatedly declaring that “time shrinks or expands in exact opposition to what you want to do.”

The Artist Says: “I grew up going to this hippie festival in Oregon called the Oregon Country Fair,” LP says on the label name’s origin. “My parents started going in their 20s, and I have never missed it since the womb. It’s my favorite place on earth because it leans into weirdness, joy, and mind-opening experiences. The first thing you see when you walk on site is a sign that just says, ‘Yes Yes Yes’ and it makes me smile ear to ear every single year. This label is not beholden to one genre or one particular sound. It’s simply about good dance music, made for the dancefloor that expands your mind and makes you feel good.”

The Vibe: Shrinking, expanding, spinning, grooving, vibing — yes indeed.


The Label: Major Recordings

The Spiel: The Scottish producer follows his 2022 album VF Vol II with the UNDER THE ILLUSION EP. Sophisticated and pristinely produced, the four-track project is dancefloor fare equally well-suited for the dancefloor or the afterhours. Gellaitry will surely unfurl them all during his set this weekend at San Francisco’s Portola festival.

The Artist Says: “For this project, I decided to make an EP focused solely on dance music which actually feels like returning home after a long time away for me,” Gellaitry says. “I started making music due to my fascination with Daft Punk and French House when I was ten, so it’s almost bizarre that I haven’t officially dropped a project dedicated to the genre that got me started off in the first place! These tracks are intended for night time usage.”

The Vibe: That rare midnight-to-3 a.m. timespan, and all the possibilities contained therein.