‘Friday the 13th’ Actor Kane Hodder Offers Kanye West Better Jason Mask


‘Friday the 13th’ Kane Hodder
Loves Kanye Rockin’ the Jason Mask …
Offers Him a Better One!!!

2/10/2024 1:06 PM PT

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5:12 PM PT — Kane may want to hold on to his masks for now … ’cause Ye‘s seemingly moved off the whole Jason theme already. He just posted a new version of his album cover to IG — and he blacked out the mask!

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Kane Hodder‘s upset about Kanye West wearing a Jason mask … not because he doesn’t want to be associated with Ye — ’cause he wants to get him a better one!

We spoke with Kane — who has played Jason Voorhees in several “Friday the 13th” movies and games — at LAX and he says it’s great to see the controversial rapper repping the legendary character, but he doesn’t think the mask is up to snuff.

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Speaking directly to Kanye through our camera, KH implored KW to let him give the rapper a better mask, calling the one he’s wearing “cheesy” and insisting he could hook Ye up with a “nice” one.

Kane said he’s even got a few movie-worn masks at his house … though he seemed a bit reluctant to part with one of those. However, he came around to the idea a bit — so long as Ye doesn’t piss him off by trying to keep it, he said he’d consider it.

He also gave some advice to Kanye … telling him to really widen his eyes onstage when in the mask — ’cause it’ll really shock the audience.

Kane said he’s not worried about any controversy surrounding Kanye … he says it doesn’t hurt the brand — instead saying it just raises the profile because it makes people remember the legendary horror series.

Kanye’s really played into the Jason mask style recently … even going as far as to wear it over a Michael Myers mask during a bizarre music video shoot just last weekend.

He’s also worn it onstage during performances and even just casually around Los Angeles … like when he recently pulled up to one of his son Saint’s basketball games with it on.

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And, it’s a good thing Kane’s not worried about Ye tainting the mask … ’cause his new album “Vultures” received a soft rollout Friday and started an absolute firestorm online.

Ye made more references to Jewish people and even name-dropped Taylor Swift — not an outright diss, but even mentioning her name drove Swifties up the wall … given their complicated history.

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And, on the album’s cover … Ye’s in the hockey mask, and his wife Bianca Censori basically naked, so the look’s gonna be associated with Kanye for a long time to come.

Ye’s also being accused of multiple artists and their estates of using samples from their songs without permission … unclear if these claims will come back to haunt him.

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All that said … THE Jason Voorhees is signing off on Ye using the mask — so, Ye may lean into the look for a long time to come.

Originally Published — 1:06 PM PT