From the big screen to the big leagues: Must-see moments from the ‘Field of Dreams’ game


Kevin Costner in awe as he visits MLB’s Field of Dreams (0:54)

Kevin Costner visits the Field of Dreams ahead of Thursday’s inaugural MLB game in Iowa. (0:54)

8:17 PM ET

  • Brianna Williams

The “Field of Dreams” game was delayed but not denied. The Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees met for the rescheduled event in MLB’s first-ever game in Iowa on Thursday.

Kevin Costner, who starred as Ray Kinsella in the 1989 film, made the trip to Dyersville, Iowa, as he led the players through the cornfield and onto the field. The pregame intro was a tribute to an iconic scene from the film.

“Is this heaven?” Costner asked. “Yes, it is.”

This entrance is everything. #MLBatFieldofDreams

— MLB (@MLB) August 12, 2021

Maybe this *is* heaven…

— Chicago White Sox (@whitesox) August 13, 2021

Take the field with @TimAnderson7 and the @WhiteSox. #MLBatFieldofDreams

— MLB (@MLB) August 12, 2021

We can’t get enough of this background. 🌽 #MLBatFieldofDreams

— MLB (@MLB) August 13, 2021

Jose Abreu hit a shot over the fence and into the cornfield for the game’s first homer.

José Abreu into the corn! #MLBatFieldofDreams

— MLB (@MLB) August 12, 2021

Go the distance. #MLBatFieldofDreams

— MLB (@MLB) August 12, 2021

The 8,000-capacity temporary ballpark is located next to the “Field of Dreams” movie site.