Gambia: When Will the UNHCR Issue a Statement On the Shooting of Four Persons, Three of Whom Died?

It is being reported in the Gambian and Senegalese media in different ways. Nonetheless the bodies have been interned without any indication that autopsy has been done by either the Gambian or Senegalese authorities. A statement from the Gambian authorities should provide a lead that should be relied on to know more about the dead person and what to do to prevent recurrence. No human being should exist outside the protection of a state. Since Gambian authorities claim that the four persons shot are refugees under UNHCR it is important for the institution to explain how it intends to protect those registered under them, if that is indeed the case.

A statement by the Gambian authorities is being disputed by the National Assembly member for Foni Kansala, Hon. Almamy Gibba. Since the lives of those shot matter, UNHCR should conduct sufficient investigation and issue a statement on the matter. Foroyaa has been trying to get a statement from its representative but so far without success.