Gilgo Beach Murders, Ex-Police Chief Arrested for Soliciting Prostitute


Gilgo Beach Murders
Ex-Suffolk Co. Police Chief Arrested
Attempting to Solicit Sexual Act

8/22/2023 10:33 AM PT

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2:45 PM PT — Law enforcement sources in Suffolk Co. tell us James Burke allegedly exposed his penis to a plain-clothed male park ranger around 10 AM Tuesday, and while touching himself, discussed oral sex with the ranger.


11:04 AM PT — In all, Burke’s been charged with attempting to solicit a sexual act, public lewdness, indecent exposure and criminal solicitation.

James Burke — the former Suffolk County Police Chief heavily criticized for derailing the Gilgo Beach murders investigation due to his ties to sex workers — has been arrested for attempting to solicit a sex act.

Just as all eyes are on his former law enforcement fiefdom and the serial killer case he botched, onetime Suffolk County police chief James Burke got himself arrested this morning. Charges are unrelated to Gilgo Beach – initial report from Newsday is drugs. Getting booked:

— Gus Garcia-Roberts (@ggarciaroberts) August 22, 2023

The Tuesday morning arrest at Suffolk County’s Vietnam War Memorial is remarkable because Burke was known to frequent sex workers back when he was Chief in the Long Island, NY community — from 2012 to 2015 — and many believe that’s why he bungled the investigation into the Gilgo Beach murders … as all the victims were sex workers.

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Burke was previously arrested in 2015 for beating up a suspect in custody, and he was eventually convicted and served 46 months in prison.

Burke’s mishandling of the case is just one of several failings we uncovered in the documentary, “this publication Investigates: Gilgo Beach Serial Murders: Missed Warning Signs” … streaming now on Hulu.

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As we’ve reported, Rex Heuermann has been arrested and charged with 3 of the Gilgo murders, and he’s the prime suspect in a 4th.

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A total of 11 bodies have been uncovered on the Long Island beachfront.

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