Gold stolen in Canada’s biggest ever heist ended up in India, Dubai: Police


Police believes that the gold stolen last year in Canada’s biggest-ever

gold heist

must have gone to India and Dubai gold markets. Over 6,500 gold bars disappeared overseas after being stolen from an airport, the department believes. “We believe a large portion has gone overseas to markets that are flush with gold,” lead investigator Det. Sgt. Mike Mavity said.
“That would be Dubai, or India, where you can take gold with serial numbers on it, and they will still honor it and melt it down,” the investigator said.

Nine individuals were arrested in connection with the meticulously planned heist including a former

Air Canada

manager and a jewelry store owner. The suspects used a completed bill for a seafood pick-up to forge paperwork that was given to a warehouse attendant. A small amount of precious metal was probably melted down in the basement of a Mississauga jewelry store immediately after the heist. Only 90,000 Canadian dollars were recovered from the heist.
Gold heist that belongs to Netflix series

Canada cops described the heist as Netflix material as a lot of daring planning went behind it. The robbery was staged in an Air Canada cargo facility within the Toronto Pearson International Airport.
A man gained entry to an Air Canada cargo terminal with a duplicate waybill for a shipment of seafood and then drove off with a palette full of gold bars. The heist was busted a year later. India-origin men Parmpal Sidhu, Archit Grover, Amit Jalota were among the arrested.

The gold container arrived on the Air Canada flight from Switzerland to Toronto. It had 22 million Canadian dollars in gold bars and foreign currency. A day after the cargo arrived, it was reported missing. Police said at least two former Air Canada employees assisted the theft.
Parmpal Sidhu was working at the Air Canada Cargo terminal during the heist; Archit Grover is a longtime friend of Sidhu and Amit Jalota is Grover’s cousin.