Gospel Singer Bobbi Storm Can’t Keep Quiet on Flight, Sings for Passengers


Gospel Singer Bobbi Storm
Scolded by Delta Attendant …
She Can’t Keep Quiet!!!

11/13/2023 1:44 PM PT

Gospel singer Bobbi Storm apparently doesn’t know how to sit back, relax and enjoy a flight … deciding the passengers around her needed to hear her latest single, despite some serious warnings from airline staff.

Bobbi posted video getting scolded by a Delta Airlines flight attendant after she wanted to sing a tune on the flight full of passengers before takeoff — something the crew wasn’t cool with.

Bobbi lets the whole cabin know that she was recently nominated for a couple of Grammys, and even got some applause from her fellow passengers — who likely were just wanting this situation to close up so they could take off … but it certainly wasn’t over for Bobbi.

Artistes Bobbi Storm Social Shots

Bobbi ends up singing — albeit at a quiet volume — her track, “We Can’t Forget Him,” while in her seat … and the comment section on her own post does not have folks in her corner.

People have been chiming in on her clip since posting over the weekend … one said, “You were completely in the wrong,” and another added, “You think because you’re Grammy nominated that rules don’t apply to you and the plane is your stage? Work on that ego sis.”

Bobbi’s Plane Performance …

Amid the backlash, Bobbi said in the comments she’s performed on over 50 flights with no issue … but it sounds like she tried to express her Grammy excitement on the wrong plane.

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