Government to people with disabilities: just get your own vaccine, OK?

Government to people with disabilities: just get your own vaccine, OK?

The Commonwealth promised it would fix its disastrous failure to vaccinate Australians with disabilities, yet little seems to have changed. Is it time to hand the job to the states?

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When even Scott Morrison admits that the government has to lift its game, you know that something has gone thoroughly, abominably wrong.

The rollout of vaccinations to people in residential disability care has gone wrong. Badly, disgracefully, offensively wrong. So wrong that Morrison conceded this week that “we’ve got to step up the performance there, and there’s no doubt about that”. He said he’d be working with Greg Hunt and Linda Reynolds to address it.

Linda “Empathy” Reynolds is the NDIS minister but this stuff-up is entirely by Hunt and his department. More specifically, by the private sector “in-reach” teams that are supposed to be administering vaccinations in aged care and disability residential care facilities.


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