Gravity Omutujju Cries Before Media Asking Them To Stop Tarnishing His Name.

Singer Gravity Omutujju has today afternoon shed tears before the media asking them to stop tarnishing his tears.

The Tusimbudde Hit-maker who’s tears were rolling down his face asked the media to sometimes be considerate while reporting about artistes.

“Why would you attack me and even include my kids and my wife” he said further naming some of the media personalities that have attacked him and branded him as an artiste who does bad music.

Gravity emphasized that he is not a bad hearted person but rather more of a joker in which aspect he gets misunderstood. Responding to the recent talk where the media was filled with the discussion about him naming himself as number one, gravity said he never intends to disrespect any artiste even when many of them have attacked him.

He pleaded to the media to be positive so that he can also get encouraged to keep doing music. This was after he mentioned that the media personalities use their “huge” platforms to brand him with a bad image, a thing he says is affecting him alot.

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