Hailey Bieber Scores Big Victory in Trademark Battle for Skincare Line

Hailey Bieber
Big Victory in Trademark Battle
… Going Forward with ‘Rhode’ Skincare Line

7/22/2022 4:53 PM PT

Hailey Bieber is legally cleared to launch Rhode — her new skincare line — after a judge shot down a NY company’s claim she’s stealing its trademark, and she’s wasting no time in using it.

this publication broke the story … a clothing company called Rhode NYC filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Hailey in an attempt to block her new biz venture. Hailey, whose middle name is Rhode, argued her company is strictly dealing with skincare … and not clothing, so there would be no confusion for the public.

Well on Friday afternoon, a federal judge sided with Hailey … denying Rhode NYC’s motion for a preliminary injunction.

Shortly after the emergency hearing, Hailey released a behind-the-scenes documentary called, “The Making of Rhode” on her YouTube channel.

Her lawyers submitted the documentary to the court — after the clothing co. filed a complaint with the court over its release — but the judge saw no reason to shut down the film’s debut.

This is a huge victory for Hailey — Rhode NYC lost its battle to immediately shut down her company. While the clothing co. can still make arguments that she’s causing market confusion … it’s gonna be an uphill battle, now that Hailey’s biz is up and running.