House Of Prayer Ministries’ Pastor Bugingo and Wife in Bitter War Over Property.

News coming through has it that controversial House Of Prayer ministries senior pastor; Aloysius Bugingo is at logger heads with his wife over land and property.

While conducting a service at his church, Bugingo revealed to his flock that his wife had plans to claim ownership on church land.

“My wife was telling me that I should put her among owners of land of the church” he said. He added that he denied this as the land belongs to the church.

However the wife Teddy Bugingo replied saying that her husband has always tried to push for divorce, a thing that she has declined overtime.

Teddy says Bugingo is trying to push her and her kids away to create space for a new wife. She however insists that after making a vow on their wedding, there is no way she can sign divorce papers.

Word coming in has it that Pr.Bugingo is eyeing a one Suzan who is a TV presenter at his TV station; Salt TV.

Susan Makula Nantaba who is said to be Pr. Bugingo’s New Catch!