How To Keep Your Relationship Young And Fresh!

God is the first priority

It happens to many people when they find life partners they forgets about God. Even if its not about partners, few people remember God when they re succeeding. My point here is, always ask God to stay amidst your relationship for as  matter of fact God-driven relationships are far different from the opposite ones.

Don’t Complicate Your Love

With several people when their relationships grow, they become difficult to be loved, you find out someone no longer cares the way they used to or they are not giving their spouse enough time. It can even be that they fingd it very esy to cheat! This raises the chances of your relationship failing.


This is to do with both respect for each other as well as self-respect. Usually at the start, all love birds will always respect each other but as time runs they tend to be used and therefore start disrespecting one another such as coming back at home late, throwing insults and much more.

Have Realistic expectations

70% of people engage in relationships expecting a lot from their partners but they end up being disappointed. So as you get in a relationship, always posses realistic and moderate expectations, though you shouldn’t have none!

Be Real!

Some people at the first stage act with a lot of pretense in what they say, their habits and character generally. However, when time passes they change  to their true colours resulting to a failed relationship.

Be Open and Always Communicate

All lovers out there you should learn to be open to their partners as well as endeavor to communicate about everything for instance their movements. This shows self respect and responsibility.

Try to be special

When your in love with someone don’t be his/her friend play your your part through loving,protecting, supporting, caring and much more. This is through finding out his/her desires and trying to do them as well as avoiding what they hate.

Understand your partner

Whenever you get into relationships, the first way forward is synchronising. Understand his likes and dislikes and respect them and that way, your have a long lasting relationship.