‘I Could Die Happy’: Community Raises $50,000 For Widowed Traffic Cop

A traffic cop who went viral on social media after receiving a donation from TikToker Zachery Dereniowski has earned an extra $50,000, thanks to a GoFundMe page created following the video’s success.

It all began when a traffic cop in Detroit named Edge was featured on Dereniowski’s popular TikTok page, where she was gifted tickets to the Detroit Tigers baseball game after speaking to her supervisor about letting her off early to enjoy the game.

@mdmotivator “Happy Mother’s Day” (GoFundMe 1N B10) ?❤️ #tigers #mom #mothersday #love #detroit #baseball #kindness #money ♬ original sound – Zachery Dereniowski

Edge was excited after finding out she was going to the game and quickly became emotional when Dereniowski gifted her an additional $500,

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