“Insomnia and lack of appetite…” – Jackie Chandiru; On Why She Collapsed At MUBS.

Singer Jackie Chandiru has finally come out to give a clear account of why she collapsed at MUBS where she had gone to educate the students about drug abuse.

In a social media post today, Jackie Chandiru attributes the incident to Insomnia and lack of appetite which she says chose to take their toll on that day.

Below is Chandiru’s Post.

As you may all have heard or read from the media, on March 8th (Women’s Day) I had a seizure shortly before addressing the students of MUBS campus.

I would like to thank Makerere University Business School Women’s Forum, The Principal Prof. Waswa Balunywa & the MUBs Dr for the support offered during my seizure.

My insomnia and lack of appetite for the past few days took its toll but i am feeling better now ❤🙏

This comes shortly after the former blu*3 member announced how she quit abusing drugs following her stay in rehab for atleast two years some good time in .