Jackie Chandiru opens up on how she attempted suicide six times

Jackie Chandiru, a seasoned musician, has disclosed that she has made six unsuccessful attempts at suicide. In a local interview with Galaxy TV, the Agassi singer stated that various individuals had varied opinions about her. People outside of rehab seemed to have various opinions of her both before and throughout her stay there.

They had no idea what she was fighting with or where she was coming from. They all made the decision to propagate their shared belief. She felt unwelcome and this affected her negatively. She therefore made six unsuccessful attempts to take her own life. She remembered a moment when a clinic had even helped her commit suicide. Despite not disclosing the clinic’s name, she claimed to have visited this specific facility and purchased a variety of medications.

The former Blu 3 vocalist was positive that she would die as a result of this. She was even advised how the combination would function by this specific pharmacy. Jackie was instructed to take the medication with waragi, a locally made alcohol. But when she awoke, she had a sharp headache and a terrible stomachache.

“I have tried suicide on six different occasions but none was successful. At one time a certain pharmacy assisted me on how to carry it out because when you have money everything is possible. I bought a combination of different drugs and they told me to drink it with Kasese waragi. But on waking up, I was neither in heaven nor hell. I was still alive,” she said.

She thought to herself, Heaven cannot cause her to experience agony. And it couldn’t be hell because she didn’t feel heated. She discovered she was still alive when she pinched herself and felt agony.

Additionally, the singer advised all the youths out there who look up to musicians to be careful. According to Jackie, whatever is done in music videos such as smoking and boozing is always just showbiz.