Jacob Elordi Used Bacon to Method Act as Elvis in ‘Priscilla’


Jacob Elordi
Used Bacon to Method Act as Elvis
Voice More Spot On Than AB

11/4/2023 1:56 PM PT

Entertainment Weekly

Jacob Elordi‘s turn as Elvis Presley in Sofia Coppola‘s new movie is getting a lot of head-turns — and that’s probably ’cause he method-acted his way into the role … with pig skin.

The Aussie actor recently revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he immersed himself into the character in a very unique way … namely, by stuffing his face with bacon — and a helluva lot of it, too.

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During the roundtable, Coppola noted that Elordi ate a lot of pork strips on set — which JE confirmed … pointing out he would apparently down about a pound a day while working.

Seems this technique stemmed from something Priscilla Presley herself told them about her late ex-hubby and his grub of choice. Now, as for how all this bacon gorging affected Jake … he says he got quite heavy, although he’s fortunate enough that it never really showed.

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It’s interesting … Elordi’s approach to method acting (basically, clogging his arteries just like Elvis, it seems) significantly differs from Austin Butler‘s — who continued using his Elvis voice well after cameras had stopped rolling.

AB’s commitment to the schtick was praised by some … and ridiculed by others.

Entertainment Weekly

Funny enough … it sounds like Elordi’s take might actually be more accurate to EP himself — at least according to Coppola, who (in this same EW sit-down) says Priscilla told her after one of the screenings that JE’s voice sounded just like Elvis did once upon a time.

The flick, ‘Priscilla,’ is getting rave reviews on all fronts … but it’s not without its controversy. Whereas the Butler film was a glossy Wikipedia slide through the King’s life — this project focuses more on Elvis and Priscilla’s relationship … and how they came together.

It’s a little messy — Elvis courted Priscilla while she was a teen, and there’s been a lot of side-eye in 2023 over it — something the late Lisa Marie Presley protested before she died.

In any case, the film is out in theaters now … and there’s been a lot of commentary.

Elvis’ estate doesn’t like Coppola’s characterization of the icon either, FWIW — but Priscilla herself has been on board from day one. This whole thing is literally based on her memoir.

Suspicious minds may differ on Elvis’ legacy after this one.