Jamie Lee Curtis Denounces Nepo Baby Label After SAG Awards Win


Jamie Lee Curtis
Denounces Nepo Baby Label …
After SAG Awards Win

2/26/2023 6:21 PM PT


Jamie Lee Curtis is among the many celebs lately who’ve caught flak for being a “nepo baby” — but she said to hell with that after her big win … one selected by actors for actors.

The legendary star got picked for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture at the SAG Awards Sunday … which clearly took her by surprise, but which she handled with gusto and grace in her acceptance speech, coming straight from the heart and chock-full of emotion.

Check out the moment from start to finish, because it was something else. Jamie plants a kiss on her ‘EEAAO’ costar, Michelle Yeoh, and trotted onstage to a huge standing O.

Her speech itself was also pretty memorable … with JLC invoking her parents’ immigrant heritage and their rise in the Hollywood ranks as actors themselves — which eventually led her to say, “I know you look at me and think ‘Nepo baby,’ and I totally get it!”

But she finished with a heartfelt sentiment, adding … “But I’m 64 years old and this is just amazing.” In other words, she’s happy to be working as an actor and loves the job — regardless of how she got there … that seems to be her takeaway message here.

Say what you want about advantages, but Jamie is totally deserving in her own right. Yes, she’s a Nepo Baby … and no, we don’t care. If it means more Jamie Lee — so be it!