Jeremy Renner Walks in Anti-Gravity Treadmill After Snowplow Accident


Jeremy Renner
Walks in Anti-Gravity Treadmill
After Snowplow Accident

3/26/2023 2:36 PM PT

Twitter / @jeremyrenner

Jeremy Renner‘s recovery from his snowplow accident continues to go well — so much so, in fact, that the guy is already walking again … albeit, with a little help from technology.

The actor posted a video Sunday that shows him strutting his stuff in an anti-gravity treadmill. The reason we know that — besides just looking at it — is ’cause JR himself alludes to the fact that he’s only using a certain percentage of his body weight as he works his legs.

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Watch … it sounds like he’s getting quite a bit of assistance, but it’s encouraging to see he’s up and moving like this — especially since the incident went down just a couple months ago.

Jeremy also has had a great caption that further elaborates on how he’s doing. He writes, “I now have to find OTHER things to occupy my time so my body can recover from my will.”

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In other words, he wants to rehab harder than his body might allow at times — but the fact he’s going hard is, frankly, par for the course for him. The dude’s a workhorse, and you can clearly see he wants to get back to normal ASAP … and hopefully will be soon.

Again, it’s remarkable how far along he’s come since January … when he was crushed by a massive machine that nearly killed him. Remember, he broke over 30 bones and needed major surgery. Since then, however, he’s been on the grind … documenting his journey as well.

Get better, bud. You’re well on your way.