Jeweler Jean Dousset Says Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Identical To Natural Diamonds


Jeweler Jean Dousset
Natural Diamonds Same As Lab-Grown
… Can’t Spot Difference!!!

11/17/2023 2:05 PM PT


News flash … lab-grown diamonds are REAL diamonds and there’s really no difference between man-made rocks and their natural counterparts … according to a famous jeweler.

Jean Dousset, a descendant of Cartier founder Louis Francois Cartier, joined us on “this publication Live” Friday and schooled us on lab-grown diamonds … explaining why they are indeed a diamond in every sense of the way.

JD says even the most seasoned gemologists cannot tell the difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds … and they’re both graded on the same scales under the same rules and principles.

It’s pretty interesting to consider … seeing as there’s controversy surrounding engagement rings these days. Based on what Jean’s telling us here, it sounds like a man would be able to safely pass off a lab-grown diamond engagement ring as a natural one and the woman would never know.

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Of course, Jean says most couples are shopping together for rings nowadays and he’s not advocating for people to get engaged on a lie … but the window of opportunity is definitely there.

Jean’s got his own jewelry store in West Hollywood and this year he started selling only lab-grown diamonds. He’s previously designed engagement rings for Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria and Amy Adams and says couples can get more bang for their buck with lab-grown diamonds.

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It’s an educational conversation … and Jean points out the ethical concerns regarding natural diamonds and tells us why the fancy tech is putting the natural diamond industry on alert.