Joe Biden Lunches with Jill and Hunter in L.A., Shuts Down Street


President Biden
Beverly Hills Lunch w/ Fam …
Major Street Shut Down

2/4/2024 1:55 PM PT

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President Biden hit up an L.A. hot spot beloved by celebs for lunch with his wife and son … and, it created a traffic nightmare for some drivers.

POTUS stopped at The Ivy in Beverly Hills for some grub on Saturday afternoon along with Dr. Jill, and the First Couple met with son Hunter as well.

BTW … The Ivy’s an uber-popular restaurant in The City of Angels — and it’s in a pretty central location which meant Secret Service had to shut the streets down.

Check out some of the images this publication obtained … cops are lined up all over Robertson Boulevard, yellow caution tape is set up — no one’s driving down this street if JB’s security ain’t letting them.


It was a sweet scene inside the restaurant … this publication has obtained video of Hunter giving his stepmom Jill a big squeeze right after she walked in while agents kept a watchful eye for potential danger. Papa Joe also got a big hug from Hunter.

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Interestingly enough though … Secret Service agents were fine with other diners finishing up their meals in the restaurant — some people even posted pics of the first family from inside the locale.

We’re told The Henry across the street was still packed with patrons … where many curious customers watched on to get a glimpse of Biden.


Unclear how long the Bidens ate at the restaurant … but we also got a shot of Joe heading to his car before driving away in his stretch limo — looking happy after a full meal.

Biden’s on a quick visit to Los Angeles … presumably to put some more money in his war chest for the upcoming election — which many people expect to be a knockdown, drag-out fight with ex-Prez Donald Trump.

Biden’s approval rating’s kinda in the gutter right now … while DT’s blowing through the Republican field — now only consisting of Nikki Haley — on his way toward the party’s presidential nomination.

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Every vote counts … so, Joe better hope no one holds the traffic jam against him come November!!!