Jose Chameleone Out of Lord Mayoral Race!

Yet to be confirmed news has it that singer Jose Chameleone might have chickened out of the Lord Mayoral race.

Unclear sources have it that the singer-turned politician might have had secondary thoughts about running for the seat especially on am independent’s ticket after he was denied a ticket by the National Unity Platform.

The race has at least 11 contestants as of today including three artistes; Ragga Dee, Jose Chameleone and Charles James Ssenkubuge.

Chameleone has however not confirmed the rumour, neither has he refuted it.

The EJazz reporter reached out to the Baliwa hit-maker’s office but didn’t not find him.

“I reached at the office during busy hours only to find it redundant with few people at the place and not a single poster was around, this is exactly the opposite of the environment that was here few days ago” said reporter

We are making efforts to get Chameleone’s response.