Juror Dismissed from Alex Murdaugh Double Murder Trial, Demands Her Eggs


Alex Murdaugh Trial
Juror Dismissed …
Won’t Leave Without Her Dozen Eggs!!!

3/2/2023 7:47 AM PT

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Alex Murdaugh‘s double murder trial hit a delay Thursday morning when the judge dismissed one of the jurors — but she refused to leave court without some very valuable belongings.

Judge Clifton Newman announced one of the jurors had discussed her opinion about trial evidence with 3 people — presumably not other jurors — and therefore, she’s being replaced with an alternate.

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The jurors’ dismissal also came with an inflationary sign of the times, as she demanded her belongings from the jury room before departing. Those items included her purse, a bottle … and a dozen eggs!!!

The price of those eggs runs somewhere north of $4 these days in Georgia … so ya get it.

Even the judge quipped, “We’ve had a lot of interesting things. But now a dozen eggs.”

As for Murdaugh’s fate … the alternate juror has been seated, and the defense is delivering its closing arguments.