Just Raise Your Glasses High for These ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Music Moments


The Vanderpump Rules cast might drum up the drama while slinging drinks and sending rage texts, but they’ve also been dishing entertaining musical moments.

The cast of Vanderpump Rules.

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Vanderpump Rules has focused largely on the drama-filled lives of Lisa Vanderpump’s employees since its debut on Bravo in 2013. But while these glamorous SUR-vice workers might be slinging drinks and bringing you fried goat cheese balls in between screaming matches and drunken rage texts, they’ve also been dishing up some mind-boggling but always entertaining musical moments.

It makes sense, if you think about it. Several members of the cast — including Scheana Shay and James Kennedy, for example — are in Los Angeles not just for modeling and acting jobs, but also to try to make it in the music industry. She’s “Good as Gold” as a singer (as far as she’s concerned), and he’s a relatively successful DJ with his “See You Next Tuesday” gigs at Sur.

And who can forget Tom Sandoval’s band Charles McMansion and its unforgettable (and somewhat naughty and 100 percent catchy “T.I.P” – that’s “Touch in Public”)? There’s also his newer project, Tom Sandoval and the Most Extras (the members of whom he pays just to attend band practice, as he revealed in season 10), which the reality star and TomTom partner has taken on the road while trying to launch his and best bud Tom Schwartz’s lounge, Schwartz and Sandy’s.

Yes, many of the cast’s musical endeavors – some fun, some great just to give viewers laughs — have fortunately been captured on camera over the seasons for posterity. From their music videos to live performances, here are the moments on the reality TV hit that we’re always happy to revisit.

Scheana Takes the Stage

Season one, episode five

Scheana’s first live performance at The Roxy in L.A. was … awkward. From the moment she came out on stage to sing “What I Like,” the aspiring singer was a bit stiff, then tried too hard to be sexy with her gyrations. Frenemy Stassi Schroeder even joked as she watched the performance, “I knew I should’ve been a hooker!”

Bonus: Eagle eyes may have spotted a familiar blonde providing backup vocals and dance moves on stage. It was none other than Ariana Madix, who was a recurring player in season two before becoming a main castmember — and Tom Sandoval’s girlfriend — in season three.

Watch the moment here.

Then Scheana Takes the Bar

Image Credit: Courtesy Photo

Season two, episode 14

At Scheana and now ex-husband Mike Shay’s engagement party, the SURver decided to put the spotlight on herself. She (very unsanitarily) hopped up on the bar in beyond skin-tight gold shorts and a white tank top to sing her song “Good As Gold.”

“She’s not going to waste an opportunity with an audience to debut her single,” pal Katie Maloney astutely pointed out. (Note: This would not be the only time that Scheana would perform the song on VPR.)

Meet Charles McMansion

Image Credit: Courtesy Photo

Season four, episode 19

Sandoval, ever the overachiever, filmed a music video for his band Charles McMansion’s first single, the infectiously catchy “T.I.P” (that’s “Touch in Public”). The bartender-model-actor turned business owner revealed during the episode that he — as usual — went over the top with his project, spending probably more than $10,000 on the well-produced video that also features girlfriend Ariana and their costar Lala Kent, who was not yet a regular in season four.

This Kinda Blows

Image Credit: Courtesy photo

Season six, episode five

Lala and James were back in the studio recording a new tune, and they invited Sandoval to add a little something extra with his trumpet. Unfortunately, it was not exactly the sexy vibe the duo had hoped for. As he was in the recording booth, Lala grimaced, while James just looked stunned.

Later, Lala described the … uhh … less than dulcet tones best in her confessional: “Sandoval’s trumpet playing reminds me of being in a pack of baby dolphins just learning to communicate for the first time.”


Season six, episode 13

Lala was feeling a bit shady while telling James how her recording session went. It turns out that Lala had Scheana record some vocals for her since the two use the same studio, and to say the former SUR hostess was less than impressed would be putting it mildly. As Lala first told James, “Obviously, I’m going to cut her part.” She then said in her confessional, “I love Scheana with all my heart, but the girl is tone deaf!” (Scheana later fired back on Watch What Happens Live, calling Lala a crappy lyricist.)

Watch the moment here.

All Eyes on Lala

Image Credit: Courtesy Photo

Season six, episode 20

Lala showed the gang how it’s done when she performed “Boy” during her music showcase. She was confident, had a good groove, and thoroughly entertained the crowd — even Scheana. “I love watching Lala on stage. Don’t wanna say jealous, but it makes me want to get back in the recording studio,” the waitress confessed.

Oh, He Went There

Season seven, episode one

Never one to have much of a filter — especially when drunk — DJ James Kennedy aired some very dirty laundry while spinning for his SUR night, See You Next Tuesday. During his set, the self-proclaimed White Kanye decided to show off his freestylin’ skills and rapped, “I just got rich/ I may cop a black Wraith/ Everybody remember when Jax f–ked Faith?”

Cue the screeching turntable, because that little line — which was dropped while the now sober James was standing next to Brittany Cartwright — reminded the world of Jax Taylor’s infidelity while he was dating the Southern belle who is now his wife, and kicked off a whole new season of drama.

In the Closet

Season seven, episode nine

While most people were furious with him, James still had the support of the Toms — Sandoval and Schwartz — who invited him to DJ the Daily Mail party at the almost-but-not-quite-ready TomTom. The day of the event, there was no AC and the DJ booth was still not ready, so James had to spin his tunes from a windowless closet while sitting on packages of toilet paper.

An Unexpected Instrument

Season seven, episode 18

After waking up on the final day of their Mexican getaway, Schwartz recalled some of the shenanigans the gang indulged in the night before. Not surprisingly, their habit of doing a few too many tequila shots led to some eyebrow-raising antics, including Sandoval playing a penis flute and Schwartz being accosted with said instrument.

The clip was so hilarious that even Rihanna couldn’t help but laugh, captioning the video on her Instagram, “easily the best clip on tv.” (In the following week’s episode, Sandoval was once again playing a penis flute when James came by for a visit.)

“One More Time”? Maybe Not …

Image Credit: Courtesy Photo

Season eight, episode 18

Scheana enlisted new SURver Brett Caprioni to play the hunk in the music video for her new tune “One More Time,” about … well … doing it one more time. It turns out that the super steamy scenes which had him smacking the aspiring singer’s behind and her sticking her tongue in his ear — among other intimate acts — made him feel “violated,” as he put it. Scheana’s response? “It’s called acting, Brett.”

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