Kate Bush Fans Gather En Masse for Wuthering Heights Day, Dance in Red

Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’
Fans Gather En Masse to Dance …
All These People in Red!!!

7/30/2022 1:18 PM PT

Kate Bush is having a moment in 2022, which couldn’t be more clear than what’s happening this weekend — namely, thousands of people coming together to dance to one of her songs.

It’s the singer’s 64th birthday Saturday, which also happens to coincide with ‘Wuthering Heights Day’ … an annual event where her legions of fans come flocking to different sites around the world to collectively boogie to her signature track of the same name.

Of course, they’re all dressed in red … a direct homage to KB’s iconic music video — in which she also puts on some killer hippy-dippy moves in a field, surrounded by woods.

Supposedly, this has been a thing for a while — dating back to 2013, it seems — but the yearly get-together was paused during COVID, and hasn’t fired back up until now. Since then, Kate has seen a resurgence in pop culture … thanks to “Stranger Things” using her song “Running Up That Hill.”

Soooo, thanks to that renewed popularity … this year’s Wuthering Heights Day is insane, with pop-ups in Sydney, different parts of the U.K. and beyond — the turnout might be higher than ever before, frankly.

VIDEO: Kate Bush fans dress in red and dance together, paying homage to the iconic artist’s 1978 track Wuthering Heights. The event went ahead for the first time since 2019 after #COVID19 restrictions were lifted. pic.twitter.com/crElmHkeU8

— AFP News Agency (@AFP) July 30, 2022

Looks like Kate Bush’s relevancy in society is stronger than it might’ve been in her heyday. When you got a ‘Midsommar’-esque shindig like this — it’s hard to deny, she’s still a thing.