Keith Urban Says Nicole Kidman Didn’t Expect AMC Ad To Be Cultural Phenomenon


Keith Urban on Nicole Kidman
AMC Ad Is Cultural Phenomenon Now …
We Never Expected This!!!

11/23/2023 2:52 PM PT

Keith Urban says his wife Nicole Kidman never thought her commercial for AMC theaters would become such a big hit … and they’re pleased with the outcome.

Criss Angel’s Talking Junkies

Nicole’s husband was on Criss Angel‘s “Talking Junkies” podcast when Criss asked him about her movie ad, which is now a meme and part of pop culture.

Keith says AMC asked Nicole to do the advertisement when theaters were reopening during the pandemic, and he says they never in a million years expected it would morph into a cultural phenomenon.

The ad still plays before some AMC movie screenings and folks love to post memes about it on social media.

Nicole filmed the ad in 2021 and it’s got lasting impact.

Criss Angel’s Talking Junkies

Keith also gushed over Nicole on the podcast … saying she’s “an extremely down to earth, chill, laid back, regular girl who happens to be famous.”

Keith’s episode with Criss premieres Friday on and is available on your favorite streaming platform.