Kenya: IEBC Recalls 10,000 Votes Erroneously Awarded to Ruto

Nairobi — Close to 10,000 votes were erroneously awarded to United Democratic Alliance presidential flag bearer William Ruto in Form 34B in the Kiambu Town constituency.

Data read by the poll commission indicated that Ruto had garnered 51,050 votes while his closest rival Raila Odinga of the Azimio La Umoja had 14,860 votes, Waihiga Mwaure (Agano Party) and George Wajackoyah (Roots Party) had 318 votes each.

However, the summation of the total votes adds to 66,346 votes which surpasses the total valid votes which are 56,546.

The poll agency also noted that errors were made in the summation of Odinga’s vote.

Form 34B in Kiambu Town constituency collated that he had 14,760 omitting 100 votes he garnered in Thindigua primary school polling station.

IEBC commissioner Justus Nyag’anya while giving the spontaneous updates clarified that the errors had been rectified in Form 34C which is the presidential results declaration form.

“Thank you journalist for raising that concern. There were errors made in data capturing in Form 34B but the data was captured correctly in Form 34As. The data was corrected in Form 34C.”

“In Thindigua polling station it was captured that Raila had 111 votes but in Form 34B it was captured as 11 votes,”Nyaganya stated.

So far the commission has verified and tallied results in 71 out 290 constituencies.

Official Presidential results as at 1:03pm Saturday were as follows:

Raila Odinga



2,288,315 Votes

William Ruto



2,036,795 Votes

George Wajackoyah




David Waihiga