Kid Rock Causes Twitter Meltdown After Drinking Bud Light


Kid Rock
Kiss & Make Up with Bud Light
Has Twitter in a Frenzy!!!

8/20/2023 7:15 AM PT

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It’s been a couple days since Kid Rock was spotted sipping a Bud Light — and the reactions across Twitter have been just as unhinged as you’d expect … with people weighing in on both sides.

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For starters, accounts that usually push conservative views seem to feel betrayed in a sense … some writing, “TREASON” another wrote, “I am STRONGLY against CANCEL CULTURE but I am calling for a boycott of all Kid Rock products until further notice.”

Others simply seem to be in disbelief, “C’mon Kid Rock, what are we doing?”

Music kid rock drinking bud light

However, some on the right are still sticking with their guy, announcing, “I will ALWAYS stand with Kid Rock! If you’ve already had many non-woke beers, it is easy to be tricked into drinking a woke Bud Light by accident. Give Kid a break. He’s fighting hard for our freedom!”

Music kid rock tweets

Of course, the images have also been met with plenty of humor and memes as well, one account writing, “Damn, never thought I’d have to give Kid Rock the Bud Light treatment but here we are. Just shot up all my Kid Rock vinyl and CDs. I loved Kid Rock, but I hope Kid Woke goes broke.”

this publication broke the story, the Trump fanatic was spotted drinking a Bud Light at a concert in Nashville last week.


The scenario seemed almost impossible a few months back when KR uploaded himself shooting up a bunch of cases of the beer, exclaiming, “F*** Bud Light and f*** Anheuser Busch” after trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney published an ad-spot with the company.

Instagram / @dylanmulvaney

Kid Rock has yet to explain why his feelings on the beer have changed so drastically.