Kikomando Hit-Maker, Victor Ruz Lands First Ambassadorial Deal.

Kikomando hit-maker Victor Ruz has scored himself his first ambassadorial deal amid the lockdown that seems not to be ending soon especially for artists.

“This is a special reward for me, my hard work is finally paying off. All the thanks goes back to God” – He told EJazz News. As far as EJazz snoops could find out, the deal is valid for now less than two years until it’s renewal.

Victor could not hold it as he went onto social media and announced the news!

” Proud To Achieve My First Endorsement As A Brand Ambassador.. Thanks @dalausijuice For The Endorsement!!
#DalausiJuice #StraighFromtTheFruit😍 Thank You My Fans IAM BECAUSE U ARE💪🏾🙏🏾
 “- Victor Ruz he said in a social media post.

Victor Ruz is one of the artists that have defied the odds and kept standing all through the lockdown with almost all his songs coming through from the lockdown including love legend which was released earlier but picked up during the lockdown, Kikomando, Ndeese Love which were dropped right in the middle of the tighter lockdown and his latest Official which is picking up very fast. This could be the credit that earned the Jinja Boy the deal.

Victor Ruz(R), Dalausi Juice CEO, and Victor’s manager(Abdul) at the deal signing ceremony.

As for Dalausi Juice, it’s become a household name when it comes to events around town. many of you that have attended these events have atleast seen a table labeled Dalausi Juice at some corner of a Kwanjula or Wedding ceremony among others. The random comments about Dalausi Jiuce on social media send a message of how good the juice is.