LeBron James Attends Nephew’s HS Graduation Amid Retirement Speculation


LeBron James
Attends Nephew’s HS Graduation …
Amid Retirement Mulling

5/28/2023 1:34 PM PT

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LeBron James has tons of free time now that he’s out of the playoffs, including family time — which he soaked up this weekend with yet another graduation drop-in.

The Lakers superstar attended Chaminade High School’s ceremony Saturday in West Hills, CA — where his “nephew,” Auston Mims, was all set to walk across the stage in a cap and gown as part of the Class of 2023. Mims played football there, and LBJ is close with the kid … having attended games of his in the past. Although it’s unclear if they’re actually related.

LeBron James (and Savannah, of course) are in the house. LeBron’s nephew Auston Mims plays for Chaminade. Eagles hosting a big game against Sierra Canyon tonight. pic.twitter.com/hmuObN81gw

— Tarek Fattal (@Tarek_Fattal) October 22, 2022

Auston appears to be the son of LeBron’s longtime friend and business partner Randy Mims. In any case, Bron was front and center to watch Auston receive his high school diploma.

Check out these videos, obtained by this publication, where you can see the King is trying to lay low as the names are called, checking out his phone and keeping his head down. In these clips, he seems to be alone … but eyewitnesses tell us he was actually there with family and friends.

Of course, he totally stands out — at about 6’9″, no less — so, eventually, he parked it and had a seat. That didn’t stop people from approaching him and fanning out a bit, though.

At one point, a young guy walking by spotted him … and tapped him on the shoulder for a little handshake — which Bron obliged and reciprocated. There was even an adult who came over to say hello … but it kinda seems like LBJ just wanted to keep to himself here.

Anyway, this is the second graduation (that we know of) that LeBron’s gone to in recent weeks. Remember, he was just at his own son’s Thursday … and was one proud papa.

The backdrop of all this is the question of whether he’s going to hang it up on the court and retire from basketball. He suggested he might in his Game 4 loss presser … noting he had a lot to think about in the offseason. Stuff like this might be at the forefront of his thoughts.


Fact is, if he was still playing … it’s possible he might have missed these types of moments. Certainly possible, but if a game was scheduled to be played on a Saturday … it’d probably be tough to do both. Lucky for him, he was able to catch all the big days this year.

Makes ya think, doesn’t it? We’re sure it’s something Bron is considering, no doubt.