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The chaos and misery occurring in Afghanistan only validates a longstanding observation: Namely, ‘military intelligence is an oxymoron.’ When any country’s political and military leaders become more engrossed in filling their pockets with corrupting Yankee dollars and show their indifference to the plight of ordinary citizens, there is no chance to build a foundation for a lasting democracy. Decent people are the ones who suffer. Since the Second World War, military interventions by the U.S.A. have left a legacy of destruction and corruption, seldom liberation. Apparently, the Vietnam debacle failed to leave a lasting impression on the movers and shakers within the military-industrial complex. Apparently, they just love making new expensive toys to play with. Cluster bombs, napalm and Agent Orange are now so out of fashion, so yesterday’s news. Round and round we go!
Lloyd Atkins
Vernon, B.C.
(The people of Afghanistan will have no chance at a decent life under the Taliban. The countries around the world that fought in that country did so with the desire to see freedom, independence for women and girls. But all of that is gone now)

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It is truly sad what we are witnessing right now in Afghanistan, with the Taliban overtaking the country again. What a shame so many brave men and women from Canada, the U.S., and the rest of the Western world sacrificed their lives trying to bring democracy to this country, apparently for nothing. It makes one wonder if it is worth trying to help anyone anymore in this pathetic new world we live in, with such weak global leadership.
Rob Walker
Minto, Ont.
(There are few world leaders who have the ability or willingness to do something)

In previous times, a captain would be the last to leave a sinking ship. How does it look that the president of Afghanistan was airlifted out of the country before the support staff who helped support the government and its allies are rescued?
Sheldon Cooper
(Perhaps but it was the president they would have tried to kill first)

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Another reason Justin Trudeau dissolved Parliament is he did not wish to face a debate in the House of Commons about the sudden political and military collapse in Afghanistan. Canada has spent billions of dollars in this country.
Jim McEwen
(Trudeau is unserious and his lack of leadership should surprise no one)

Both my father and brother contracted polio at age one (1911 and 1946). My father was left with a withered right arm which made it fairly useless and him not very employable during the Depression. My brother was more severely affected and his whole life was a struggle. They both were very intelligent people with a great sense of humour. If you could prevent your loved one from contracting a devastating illness, would you not move heaven and earth to do so. How heartless (and hypocritical)!
M.L. West
(A good majority of people agree with you and are doing that very thing)

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