Liberia: Cllr. Kruah Says He Pays Back Money

By Lincoln G. Peters

-but denies receipt and writes Boakai

Liberia’s Justice Minister-designate, Cllr. Cooper W. Kruah, who is entangled in a financial fraud against a client that he worked for, says he paid in full the amount of US$ 105, 33924 to the Manor River Agriculture Rehabilitation and Development Corporation (MARDCO) as mandated by the Grievance and Ethics Committee (GEC) of the Supreme Court of Liberia, but MARDCO insists it has not been paid the full sum, as Cllr. Kruah was mandated to do.

Despite refusing to openly comment on the matter, Cllr. Kruah on Wednesday gave the NEW DAWN receipts and documents, indicating that he had restituted the money and fully complied with the decision of the GEC.

The company on the other hand has disputed Cllr. Kruah’s claim of full settlement in one of its complaints alleged that the receipts were manipulated.

As if its allegations were not enough, in a most recent letter written by the company (MARDCO) to President Joseph Nyumah Boakai and Vice President Jeremiah K. Koung dated January 7, 2024, the company contends that it has not received full restitution, thus seeking intervention of the Presidency.

“With honor and great respect, we write to humbly bring to your attention and to seek your intervention to amicably resolve a matter of financial dispute between Manor River Agriculture Rehabilitation and Development Corporation and Cllr. Cooper Kruah of the Henries and Henries Law Firm and Justice Minister-designate”, the communication reads.

It continues: “The said amount of US$ 58,814.08 which represents the balance that is still due to MARDCO with him, Cllr. Kruah. We are kindly asking for your intervention as an institution with investment and would like to continue to buttress efforts of the government by providing job opportunities for some of the Liberian citizens.”

Accordingly, the letter discloses that Cllr. Kruah did receive on behalf of the company One hundred eight thousand, nine hundred forty-one United States Dollars and sixty-five cents (US4108,941.65) from proceeds of MARDCO’s rubber from Sierra Leone that was confiscated and sold in Liberia by the Civil Law court.

The company further argues that the alleged actions of Cllr. Kruah has caused it serious embarrassment for the continuation of operation to settle its obligations due to its workers and land owners both in Liberia and Sierra Leone, respectively.

“Your excellences, Cllr. Kruah was investigated and found guilty of ethical practice as a lawyer by the Grievance and Ethics Committee of the Supreme Court and he deliberately refused and failed to adhere to the finding and recommendations of the disciplinary committee of the Supreme Court”, the letter states.

Based upon that, the company says they have been compelled to bring to the attention of the President and his Vice, Koung, to kindly see reason and intervene to have Cllr. Kruah restitutes the amount accordingly.