Liberia: LNTTA Completes Month-Long Kids Table Tennis Training Program

By A. Macaulay Sombai

Monrovia — Parents of children who attended a month-long table tennis training program have expressed their enthusiasm and support for the initiative, urging the Liberia National Table Tennis Association (LNTTA) to continue nurturing the next generation of tennis players.

The grassroots program, spanning one month, was orchestrated by the Liberia National Table Tennis Association (LNTTA) exclusively for children aged between 7 and 9.

Madam Evelyn Samboo, a parent of three children who actively participated in the training, commended the LNTTA’s leadership, under President Mr. G. Gbassay Golee, for their efforts in organizing the program. She emphasized how the training had significantly improved her children’s skills and ignited their passion for the game.

“During our children’s vacation period, the LNTTA administration invited us, parents of children passionate about table tennis, to enroll them in a one-month training program. We promptly responded to the call, and today marks the conclusion of the training. We’ve come to witness firsthand what our children have learned over the past month, and their performance today has proven that they have gained valuable skills from the training,” Madam Samboo stated.

Madam Vivian Weah, another parent with two children who participated in the month-long program, acknowledged its positive impact on her children’s growth. She urged the LNTTA to continue offering such training opportunities.

Madam Naomi Solo praised the LNTTA administration for providing her children with valuable knowledge about table tennis. She also urged the association to extend the training to various communities in Monrovia, enabling more children to benefit from it.

Madam Irene George expressed her gratitude for the opportunity her two children had to acquire skills in the game of tennis. She expressed hope for more youth training initiatives from the LNTTA.

President Golee reiterated that the training was initiated to lay the foundation for a new national team in Liberia. He emphasized the importance of youth skill development in achieving this goal and assured that the training program would continue until their objectives were met.

“We initiated this month-long training program because we aim to build a national team, and the best place to start is with young people. We believed that the vacation period was the ideal time to bring kids here and develop their talents. A total of 21 children participated in this training,” said Mr. Golee.

The LNTTA’s commitment to nurturing young talents bodes well for the future of table tennis in Liberia, as parents and the community express their full support for this valuable initiative.