Liberia: ‘There Will Be No Return to Rebel Checkpoint in Liberia’ –

By Jaheim T. Tumu

Monrovia — Upon his return from the United Nations General Assembly, President George M. Weah addressed concerns raised by key opposition figures from the Unity Party and reaffirmed his confidence in Liberia’s peaceful future, noting that there will “no return to rebel checkpoints in Liberia”.

The Liberian leader’s statement came in response to members of the opposition including remarks made by former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai during a campaign rally, where Boakai warned of dire consequences if the ruling CDC were to manipulate the upcoming October 10 elections.

Boakai was captured on video stating, “…that’s why you need to protect it. If they think they’ll steal this election, we will not allow it because if they do, that would be the end of this country.”

President Weah emphasized his government’s commitment to democratic principles, assuring Liberians that the nation was on the path to prosperity despite past challenges.

President Weah stated, “To all distinguished citizens, those who can hear my voice, I want to acknowledge the glory of God and assure you that in our country, there will be no return to a rebel checkpoint.”

“We are moving forward towards prosperity, acknowledging Liberia’s past difficulties while remaining steadfast in our belief in democratic values. Our nation will continue to thrive in peace,” President Weah added.

He urged Liberians to actively work for peace, emphasizing its crucial role in national development. He also encouraged the public to ignore provocative statements from certain individuals, emphasizing that Liberians were committed to working in a peaceful environment and avoiding a return to civil conflict.

“Do not be swayed by reckless rhetoric. On October 10, you will wake up, go to the polls, and cast your votes for your chosen candidates,” President Weah asserted. “We have faith in democratic processes, and we are dedicated to upholding them. The will of the people is our ultimate goal.”

President Weah also reminded the Unity Party of the 2005 and 2011 elections, suggesting that their concerns about electoral integrity were a result of past grievances related to the National Elections Commission’s handling of results.

“I have participated in elections, and even those who are now raising alarms of war were my opponents. Today, they claim that our elections commissioners cheated. But let us remember, in 2005 and 2011, they also alleged electoral misconduct,” President Weah said.