Liberia: Trafficking of Cocaine, Others Decreased Under AB Kromah’s Administration

A statistical and comparative analysis verified from the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) has shown a drastic and uncompromising stance against the trafficking and sale of illicit drugs and substances since the appointment of suspended LDEA Director General Abraham Kromah.

Mr. Kromah and his deputies Hassan Fadiga and Bawou Kowou were suspended by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai for consistent internal wrangling, verbal attacks causing instability at the agency allegedly orchestrated by his deputies.

However, a statistic in the possession of FrontPage Africa has unearthed significant progress made by the LDEA under DG Kromah.

Those progress include: multiple arrests and seizures of illicit substances, including cocaine, heroin and kush, indictments of drug traffickers and dealers.

Information in our position shows that the LDEA under DG Kromah has consistently followed up on cases involving drug traffickers and dealers in Liberia, which has led to the indictment of about 19 suspected drug dealers and traffickers who are currently behind bars awaiting court trial or prosecution.

The statistics and comparative analysis of drug seizure covers the periods of January-April of 2023 and January to April 2024.

It shows that Kush seizure was recorded at 21.94% in 2023, but increased to 78.06% in 2024 during the administration of DG Kromah.

During the same period, the seizure of cocaine is recorded at 12.8% as compared to 87.2% in 2023.

The increase in the cocaine record in 2023 was due to the discovery of a huge quantity of cocaine worth US$100M during the administration of ex-Liberian President George Manneh Weah-a bust that was poorly prosecuted and led to public and global condemnations despite the efforts applied by Liberia’s traditional ally, the United States in the discovery of the drugs.

In 2023 the seizure of Heroine was recorded at 82%, but decreased by 17.98% in 2024 as a result of a robust crackdown which led to the forceful departure or escape of drug traffickers and dealers from the country.

The seizure of Marijuana was also recorded at 13.9% in 2023, but increased by 86.1% in 2024 due to steps taken by the DG Kromah’s led administration to step up intelligence to interrupt the planting and subsequent cultivation of marijuana that can be locally grown in the country.

The statistics shows that significant progress was made in the seizure of Kush and Marijuana in 2024 as compared to 2023, while in 2024; progress was realized in the seizure of Kush and Heroine following the appointment of DG Kromah as Director General of the LDEA and others by President Boakai.

Suspended DG placed a moratorium on the raiding of ghettos in the communities due to consistent complaints from citizens that their personal belongings including cell phones, monies and others were being allegedly taken away by LDEA agents during these raids and not returned during the administration of the past government.

DG Kromah reportedly ordered Director Hassan Fadiga to recommence the raiding of ghettos in the communities, a move or strategy which led to the increase in the seizure of drugs, cocaine and other illicit drugs in the country.

Kush and Heroine were the two main illicit drug markets in January to April 2023 while Kush and Marijuana were the illicit drug markets increased in February to April 2024 in Liberia.

The agency was experiencing fluctuations in the seizures of drugs in both Montserrado and leeward counties due to the transiting of most drug dealers following intense and robust operations following the appointment of DG Kromah.

But since the suspension of Director Kromah and his Deputies, drug traffickers and dealers are now regrouping to pollute the nation with psychotropic substances.

There have been mounting calls from the public for the return of suspended LDEA DG Abraham Kromah due to his uncompromising stance and posture to combat against the trafficking and trading of drug and other illicit substances in the country.

However, there have been reports of a calculated ploy being orchestrated by ring leaders in the trafficking of drugs to prevent the return of suspended DG Kromah to the LDEA.

These drug ringleaders are reportedly influencing close associates and confidantes of President Boakai to ensure that Kromah does not return to the entity.

Liberia has been reported as a transit point for the trafficking of cocaine to Europe, Americas and Asia.