Lil Baby Unfollows Gunna, Lil Durk Takes Shot in New Song

Lil Baby Unfollows Him …
Lil Durk Takes a Swipe in New Song

1/15/2023 12:36 PM PT

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The hits keep coming for Gunna — not only is he on the outs with YSL, but big-time rappers are now turning their backs on him too … including Lil Baby and Lil Durk.

First, LB has officially unfollowed the embattled rapper — as of Saturday, it appears Gunna no longer shows up as one of the 970 people Lil Baby is paying attention to on Instagram … which might seem petty, but carries weight considering he *was* following until recently.

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An unfollow in 2023 is the equivalent of telling someone … I don’t wanna be your friend anymore. That’s where things seem to be between LB and Gunna, which is a big deal — these two have been incredibly close for years. They put out a mixtape together once, and have rapped on each other’s songs back and forth … plus, they’re both from Atlanta.

Now, on to the more transparent falling out … Lil Durk clearly called out Gunna in a new track he previewed — which features a line that alludes to a joint song they were on.

Lil Durk previews a new song dissing Gunna.

— Rap Alert (@rapalert6) January 15, 2023

The video shows Durk and co. vibing out to the unnamed song, which features a quick line toward the beginning that goes … “What happened to Virgil // he probably gonna tell.” That’s a reference to a song Durk did with Gunna of the same name … so yeah, it’s a shot.

As we reported … Gunna’s already under fire from a lot of people in hip-hop, including YSL members and associates — who made it clear online that they’re not messing with him.

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This, of course, comes after Gunna was released from custody when he copped a plea deal with state prosecutors in the sweeping RICO case that saw not only him arrested … but Young Thug as well. YT’s on trial right now, and Gunna seems to be perceived as a snitch.

It’s pretty wild to see this play out. While 6ix9ine went through something similar a few years ago, he was nowhere near as popular or beloved in mainstream hip-hop as Gunna was, which makes this cold-shoulder treatment all the more dramatic and eye-popping. 👀