Lil Durk In Recovery After Spending Week In Hospital with Dehyrdration, Exhaustion


Lil Durk
Hospitalized For A Week With
Severe Dehydration & Exhaustion

7/13/2023 2:47 PM PT

Artistes lil durk

Lil Durk spent the past week in the hospital with severe dehydration and exhaustion, only to be released yesterday a source close to the situation tells this publication Hip Hop.

We’re told Durk checked into a hospital on July 6, after falling ill in Ohio.

Artistes lil durk

He went to the hospital as a safety measure … but doctors told him the matter was more serious than he and his team realized and quickly admitted him.

Artistes Lil Durk Announces He's Taking Time Off After Suffering Injury in Explosion

Lil Durk Announces He’s Taking Time Off After Suffering Injury in Explosion

The sudden health scare forced Durk to miss a series of shows across Europe and yesterday’s ESPY Awards, and we’re told he’s still not been cleared by physicians to return to work in any capacity.

Durk tells this publication Hip Hop …My fans mean everything to me, you’re the reason why I do this. I was looking forward to touching all of my European fans, performing this week(end), attending the ESPYs and more but after performing and traveling daily I’ve become severely dehydrated and advised by my doctors not to travel due to exhaustion. Once I get my full energy back, it’s back to business which I’m looking forward to. #StillHealing.”

The Chicago rap star is expected to release the deluxe album of said “Almost Healed” soon but needs to slow down in order to activate that speedy recovery!!!