Lil Ollo, John Blaq To Headline Lira Holiday Makers’ Bash.

The back to school students bash is a termly happening for holidaymakers in Lira that happens a Front page Lounge, a popular youth hang out in Lira.

According to the manager Front page, Mr. Ken, he says this bash will be different because he is hosting one of Uganda’s biggest artists at the moment, John Blaq and the student’s favorite mc, Lil Ollo of NBS Youth voice.

To support local entertainment, the organizer and manager say the DJs will be from Lira and Gulu as a way of embracing home talent.

Entrance is 5k and 3k for the kids with several activities like swimming, bouncing cattle, rap battles, dance competitions, singing showcases, and battles plus much more entertainment as students prepare to go back to school.

The day will be summed up by a massive Kadanke with northern Uganda’s biggest DJs.