Malawi: New DP Usi Has ‘Solid Track Record of Leadership

Renowned social media influencer Onjezani Kenani says despite being a comedian in his free time, Malawians should not close their eyes to the fact that vice president Michael Usi has always had a solid track record of leadership and a whole life that is not in itself a comedy.

Writing on his Facebook page, Kenani–a Switzerland based chartered accountant–comedy is just a pastime for Usi.

“We all have things we are passionate about, which we do when we’re free. Dr. Michael Usi used to be an actor and a comedian, roles he played so well he became a household name, known mostly by his stage name, Manganya,” he wrote.

He added: “He has a wife and two lovely daughters, is an Adventist, and led the Adventist Development and Relief Agency in Malawi for nearly two decades. The focus of his PhD, which he gained from the University of Bedfordshire in about 2015, is on youth engagement in developing their country. His research involved review of youth engagement strategies in many countries.”

Kenani notes that it’s tempting to take him lightly as “a comedian”, forgetting that comedy was just a pastime for him, the way some of us play chess or others dabble into music.

“The President of Ukraine, in comparison, was also a comedian. But look how solid his leadership has been during the most challenging period for his country,” he said.

Kenani has since advised Malawians to give Vice President Usi time to settle into his role so that we appreciate what he has in store for the nation.

Earlier, Kenani had already welcomed Usi’s appointment saying it was the safest and most logical the President could have made under the circumstances.

“If, for example, he had appointed someone from the Malawi Congress Party, the reaction could have been “They eliminated Chilima to replace him with one of their own.” But the President, recognizing that MCP remains in an alliance with UTM, found himself obliged to choose a replacement from UTM,” he wrote.