Mark Zuckerberg Signed Little League Baseball Card Going Up For Auction

Mark Zuckerberg
Signed Little League Card Going Up For Auction
… Nothin’ Quite Like It!!!

8/4/2022 12:10 PM PT

mark zuckerberg baseball card

Mark Zuckerberg was apparently a baseball star for a very small part of his life, and a signed piece of that history is hitting the auction block.

The card’s being sold at auction by in September … it’s allegedly been held by one of Mark’s old camp counselors all these years.

mark zuckerberg

Allie Tarantino remembers Mark standing out amongst the rest at Elmwood Day Camp in Westchester, NY back in 1992. Allie had an extensive baseball card collection, so when the 9-year-old kid came up to him with one of his own, he knew it had to get signed.

Since Mark’s rise to the top, Allie’s used the card as a big talking point in conversations, of course — he decided to sell it off to help with his kids’ college funds.

Collectibles expert Stephen Fishler, says it’s tough to value because there’s nothing like it –they’re opening the bid at $1, but it’ll be an unpredictable fight to the top. It will also be auctioned as an NFT.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Rookie cards seem to be all the rage right now, at least as far as price points go — one of Lebron James recently sold for a whopping $5.2M!!!

FYI — Zuck’s stats are great, too … the 48-pound infielder hit 23 of 25 at-bats that season, cleaning up with an impressive .920.

We know who should be taking the plate at the next Meta company baseball game!!!