Massive Moose Chases Skiers Down Jackson Hole Slope In Crazy Video


Jackson Hole Skier
Chased By Moose
Both Haul Ass Down Slope!

2/7/2024 11:54 AM PT

Music moose chasing skiers.

Imagine skiing one of the most serene and gorgeous slopes in America … and seconds later YOU’RE LITERALLY BEING CHASED BY A MASSIVE MOOSE, so close it could nearly nip the back of your boots!

That’s exactly what happened to a skier named Kenny Rynearson in Jackson Hole, Wyoming recently … and the wild encounter was captured on video.

The clip shows a moose in a full sprint down the mountain … as Kenny did his best to evade the big beast (there may have been a few “oh s***” screams).

Rynearson eventually created some distance before assisting a fellow skier, yelling, “go faster!” as the animal continued to give chase.

Facebook / Kenny Rynearson

Thankfully, it doesn’t appear anyone was injured … but this could’ve potentially been ugly.

Moose are huge … they can grow to nearly 7 feet tall (standing on all fours), and weigh 1,600 pounds. The animal in question doesn’t appear that big … but it’d be a bad day if it caught you.

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And, they can move, too … running up to 35 MPH for short distances. For reference, Usain Bolt, at his fastest, went almost 28 MPH. Thankfully Kenny had skis on, and not running shoes.

Talk about an awesome ski story!