Master & Dynamic’s new Headphones Will Use Neural Sensors to Help You Focus

MW75 Headphones

Image: Andrew Liszewski

Master & Dynamic’s already-premium $599 luxury headphones, MW75, are about to get a very brainy upgrade. They’re about to get brain tech embedded in them.

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Master and Dynamic is collaborating with Neurable, a company focused on integrating neuroscience into everyday products. Their goal is to enable these products to make sense of your brain waves and guide you better on how to go about your day.

That’s precisely what M&D aims to do with its flagship headphones, too. The new MW75Neuro will reveal your ‘peak focus time’ along with some intel on how long that lasted (in hours and minutes) and where it happened (home, workplace, etc.) This could help determine the ideal time to finish your work daily.

You will get pretty precise stats that graph out your focus time. You’ll also see when your focus started to go up and draw conclusions on what activity caused that (yoga, coffee, etc.) The MW75Neuro will go as far as muting notifications, enabling a Do Not Disturb mode on your phone, and turning ANC on as soon as it senses that you’re focused on your task.

M&D briefly mentions in a press release sent to Gizmodo that the MW75Neuro will also help identify periods of stress for you and help you figure out your “optimal mental well-being conditions.” This isn’t an exhaustive list of what the company is planning to achieve by integrating brain tech into its upcoming products. The announcement says, “These novel capabilities are just the beginning, with several intriguing features already in the works for future products.”

As for availability, these will ship in the first quarter of 2024 and will initially feature limited color options—compared to the OG MW75, which ships in four colorways.