Mayo teenager killed in tractor crash to be laid to rest

The funeral mass of a teenage boy killed in a Co Mayo tractor crash is taking place later.

Kyle Pilbrow (13) died after the tractor he was driving overturned on a stretch of road at Scarduane near Claremorris on Saturday evening.

The first year student at St Colman’s College will be laid to rest, following his funeral mass at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Hollymount.

Local Fine Gael Councillor Tom Connolly says the local community is devastated by the tragedy.

“People numbed, people stunned from the loss of the 13-year-old’s life,” he said.

“Our sincere sympathies goes the family and the bereaved, and particularly all his college friends, and neighbours and all the surrounding villages – who are equally as numb as everybody else is.

“They’re all pulling together, they have to at this difficult time – it is a very tragic accident.

“In any small community nobody wants to hear anything like that.

“Unfortunately it happened and a young life is lost,” he added.

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