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Meet Hayley Crombleholme as reporter fails to recognize Jordan Clarkson

SCREENSHOT: Hayley Crombleholme, WWLP-22 News, YouTube


A video of Jordan Clarkson being interviewed by a reporter named Hayley Crombleholme has gone viral after the latter couldn’t recognize the Utah Jazz player. 

After realizing who he really was, the reporter herself shared the hilarious clip from the interview on her Twitter account and even noted that she was “embarrassed” by the gaffe.

Twitter users aren’t able to get enough of the hilarious interview as it has gone viral. So, let us take you through one of the funniest interviews you would ever come across. 

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Reporter does not recognize Jordan Clarkson

It appears as if Hayley is also having a good laugh about her latest blunder despite being embarrassed. 

Before the public could mock her for her lack of knowledge about the Utah Jazz and their players, the reporter herself shared the clip from the latest interview, detailing what happened. 

Hayley shared a three-second clip in which she’s seen asking Jordan, “Did you go to any Jazz games?” The Jazz player, with the calmest demeanor, responds: “Yeah, a lot.”

What has led to the video gaining immense attention is the fact that Hayley even went on to ask the famous player to spell his name. 

She wrote in the caption for the clip that she, “Had him spell his name and everything. I’m only mildly (okay highly) embarrassed.”

The viral video has clocked over a million views since it was first shared by the reporter on Twitter. 

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As a former sports anchor/ reporter and a news anchor who worked in TV news for 20 years, I can tell you that this is in no way a fireable offense. It is, however, hilarious and great for visibility.

— Ed Greenberger (@EdGreenberger) September 24, 2021

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Who is  Hayley Crombleholme?

Hayley works as a reporter at KUTV in Salt Lake City. 

Her Twitter bio shows that she went to Boston University and recognizes herself as a UConn alum. It further reads, “My grandma tells me I look taller on television. Comments are my own.”

As for her latest interview with Jordan, Hayley was with cameraman Randy Likness at the downtown City Creek shopping center asking the passersby about the upcoming NBA season.  

Jordan happened to be around, reportedly shopping, when Hayley spotted him and went on to ask him about the Utah Jazz without knowing he played for them. 

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Hilarious interview leaves Twitter in splits!

Twitter users have reacted to Jordan’s interview with the funniest of memes after the reporter herself decided to laugh it off. Here are a few of them…

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