MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry have denied they will start a new reality show just before reports emerged the couple have footage of their exit from the Royal Family.

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Meghan and Harry were originally reported to be planning on making a reality TV show about their lives, however a representative has since denied the claims. The Netflix deal sparked outcry from royal commentators who believed Meghan and Harry were abusing their titles to gain leverage in contract negotiations. Norman Baker, Crime Prevention Minister, told Good Morning Britain Harry has “divorced himself from the royal family” and is “clearly exploiting” his connections to Buckingham Palace. He added: “HRH means he is representing Britain abroad, and he’s not representing Britain abroad. He’s clearly divorced himself from the royal family in practical terms.” 

Despite the denial, insiders close to the couple claimed they pitched behind the scenes home video of their life as royals to Netflix according to The Daily Mail. 

It followed the Sussex royals announcing their £112 million deal with the streaming giant. 

The couple were initially believed to be eyeing up producer roles rather than on-screen performances with their deal.

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Meghan Markle news: Meghan Markle leaving Commonwealth Day in London

Meghan Markle news: Meghan and Harry are rumoured to have pitched behind the scenes footage of their royal lives (Image: PA)

Meghan Markle news: Stock photo of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan Markle news: It comes shortly before the couple denied making a reality tv show with Netflix (Image: PA)

A representative for Meghan and Harry has categorically ruled out any chance of a Sussex royal reality show.

In a statement sent to Deadline, the representative said: “The Duke and Duchess are not taking part in any reality shows.”

Netflix was more cagey on details however, and refused to confirm what shows the couple’s would be making.

They said to RadioTimes: “The couple already has several projects in development, including an innovative nature docuseries and an animated series that celebrates inspiring women but we are not disclosing any of the programming slate at this time.”

Meghan Markle news: Meghan Markle leaving Commonwealth Day in London

Meghan Markle news: A source close the couple said they still want to do ‘worthy’ projects alongside a home video series (Image: PA)

Meghan Markle news: Graphic of netflix

Meghan Markle news: Netflix and the Sussexes have a deal worth around £112 million (Image: PA)

But the couples denial was followed by the Daily Mail reporting Meghan and Harry took exclusive behind the scenes footage of their life in the Royal Family.

Their haul of home videos is said to include shock footage of Meghan and Harry’s experiences leading up to their step back from royal life this year.

Representatives for the couple were said to have pitched home footage to Netflix during negotiations in hopes of securing a deal.

Meghan and Harry are believed to be pitching their footage as a more commercial option, before refocusing on “worthy” projects.


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A source close to the couple said Meghan and Harry will be followed by cameras for three months to capture their day-to-day lives.

They added: “They may have had all these lofty ideas about producing epics highlighting environmental causes and the poverty gap, but Netflix obviously want their pound of flesh.

“Much of the docuseries will be about their philanthropy rather than what they get up to behind closed doors.

“But it will still be a fascinating insight and Meghan hopes viewers will get to see the real her.”

Meghan Markle news: timeline of Meghan and Harry's exit from the royal family

Meghan Markle news: The Sussexes stepped back from the Royal Family in March (Image: EXPRESS)

Meghan Markle news: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry leaving Commonwealth Day in London

Meghan Markle news: The couple previously said they wanted more privacy (Image: PA)

Meghan and Harry’s million pound deal with Netflix followed their decision to step back from the Royal Family in March.

Since then, the couple have moved to Montecito, California and have bought their first home before signing with the streaming giant.

Exact details of the couple’s contract with Netflix have not been revealed, but Meghan and Harry were rumoured to be looking to be more involved in production.

The couple also said in a statement announcing the deal they will be focusing on “creating