Mengo Woman Whose Baby Died In Hands Of A Medical Intern Compensated!

Today Ms. Ritah Nantumbwe on behalf of the her family received a 35M cheque from the Center for health, human rights and development(CEHURD) strategic litigation team as payment for general damages.

Nantumbwe delivered a baby boy by caesarian section at Mengo Hospital. After the baby was born, a student nurse injected Rita’s baby with the bigger syringe where upon the baby turned blackish and later he died.

CEHURD filed a case claiming violations of human rights including the right to quality health care, health information, life, dignity, torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, payment of general damages to Rita to mention but a few.

Last week on Friday, Mengo Hospital agreed to take Responsibility and agreed to pay 35million UGX to the bereaved couple and Implement Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Guidelines to supervise medical interns in their Hospital as per the attached Consent Judgment we arrived at.

Center for health, human rights and development advises Ugandans not to stay silent when they witness and or hear of a violation of a human right in Uganda.