Michael Blackson Says Beyoncé Went Blonde to Give Jay-Z Variety in Bedroom


Michael Blackson
Bey Went Blonde For Jay …
It’s New Eye Candy, Not Whiteness!!!

12/1/2023 12:30 AM PT

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Michael Blackson knows exactly what’s really behind Beyoncé‘s recent lightened appearance, and apologies to Tina Knowles, but he says it’s really about a bedroom “Renaissance” for Jay-Z!!!

Mike dropped his juicy theory on us when we got him at LAX, and asked what he makes of all the fan remarks about Bey’s appearance during the L.A. premiere of her ‘Renaissance’ film.

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Unlike Mama Knowles, who said the silvery/platinum look was simply about sticking to the theme of Bey’s tour — Michael thinks it’s really about the Carters mixing things up in the bedroom. As he sees it, Beyoncé’s just giving her man “another woman.”

Jokes aside, MB did totally dismiss the haters who claimed B was bleaching her skin … and he explained why he’s filing that under utterly ridiculous.

As we reported, Tina also went to bat for her daughter … lashing out at anyone spreading the notion Beyonce is anything other than a proud Black woman.

We’re not sure Tina would be any more down with Michael’s “theory,” though.😂

BTW, Beyoncé was still rocking the blonde locks Thursday night for the London premiere of “Renaissance” — with daughter/backup dancer Blue Ivy by her side — so, she’s clearly not changing a damn thing for the haters.

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Or maybe Michael’s right, and the new look is intended for Jay’s eyes … and the rest of us are incidental.

Nothing wrong with a little marriage makeover to keep the fires burning!