Migrant Boat Reportedly Washed Ashore Near Barbra Streisand’s Malibu Home


Barbra Streisand
Migrant Boat Washes Ashore
Reportedly Right By Her Malibu Home

12/3/2023 2:35 PM PT

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The beachy backyard of Barbra Streisand‘s Malibu home reportedly became the landing spot for a migrant boat that drifted ashore earlier this past week … and it’s all on video.

FOX News’ Bill Melugin obtained shocking footage that appears to show a panga boat washing ashore on Tuesday afternoon off the coast of Malibu with what he describes as suspected illegal migrants … at least a couple dozen or so from the looks of it.


Fox News

According to the surveillance video, this was captured in broad daylight … around 1 PM or so, and you can see these folks hop out and scurry along the beach as soon as they land.

No word if any of them have been captured and detained just yet … but just a day later, reports of yet another panga boat surfaced off the coast of Malibu as well — only that one sunk, and nobody was found … only debris and life jackets, per local Los Angeles media.

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Now, as far as what Barb has to do with any of this … the New York Post insists this boat that drifted in from sea actually did so just below her Malibu compound — although it’s unclear where they’re getting that info from … as they don’t cite any official sourcing.

Barbra owns three adjacent properties in the area, and yes — they do all border a cliff that overlooks the ocean below. If it’s true her crib was located just above where this boat landed … it’s a pretty frightening scenario, especially if the migrants are still on the loose.

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Of course, there are several other stars who live in Malibu that this could possibly affect as well — including neighbors of Barbra’s like Lady Gaga, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Leo DiCaprio and countless other celebs who have properties in the area.

What’s interesting about the location … Malibu is a sanctuary city, and some speculate that may be part of the reason the boat arrived there … as opposed to L.A., which is not yet officially a sanctuary city — although it did pass a resolution this year to start the process.

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In any case, it’s just evidence that the situation at the Southern border doesn’t just stop there … looks like people are finding ways into the country through other avenues, and Hollywood’s elite might just have to deal with it.

We’ve reached out to Streisand for comment … so far, no word back.