Movie Theaters Are Charging Only $4 Per Ticket This Sunday

The biggest complaint about seeing a movie in theaters these days is that it’s too damned expensive. And for 364 days in a year, that’s true. But for one day, one magical day, movie costs come down so low, you’d think it you’d traveled back in time 50 years, and that day is coming soon.

See the Flying Cities of Landscape With Invisible Hand

Theaters across the United States just announced that Sunday, August 27 is National Cinema Day, in which all movies in all formats will be just $4. It’s an initiative that was kicked off last year by the Cinema Foundation to huge success and now continues into 2023. Over 3,000 theaters will be participating with more than 30,000 screens, including most of the major chains like AMC and Regal. To see if your local theater is participating, head to its official site (or online ticketing portal) and read more at

What’s especially good about this event this year is that audiences have so many amazing choices. There’s Blue Beetle, arguably the best DC film in years, which you should definitely check out. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem is still playing and is legit incredible. Talk to Me is this year’s breakout horror hit, and it’s well deserved. Then, of course, there’s blockbuster smash Barbie—here’s your moment to watch it again, but know that those other movies are also well worth your time.

That’s just the start though. You can probably find a few of the films from earlier this summer that are worth checking out before they hit streaming. Films like Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One, and Elemental come to mind.And if you’re really lucky, maybe your local theater is playing the 2003 rerelease of Oldboy or the super weird sci-fi film Landscape With Invisible Hand. Plus there’s still The Meg 2, Strays, Oppenheimer, Haunted Mansion, Last Voyage of the Demeter, the list goes on and on.

Basically, National Cinema Day could not come at a better time. Which film are you going to see?

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